In our capacity a agents for Kosola and Associates Inc., we  supply repaired engine mounts for the majority of General Aviation aircraft and can also supply an FAA-PMA mount for the Cessna 152 or Cessna 185 with a three bladed propeller.


Kosola offer other services and we can also offer :-

    A one piece windshield for the Piper PA-28/28R, PA-32/32R, PA-32 series and PA-44 aircraft

    A heavier engine mounts to reduce vibration on the Cessna 180 and 182,

    An FAA-PMA rudder torque tube fitting to comply with AD 90-17-04 and 92-08-04 on the PA-34 and

    A repaired engine mount Part # 96-910010-61 with AD 91-15-20 compliance for the Beech Baron model 55 and 58. 


Find out more by going to the Kosola website by clicking here.